Free Botox For Unemployed

free_botox_derma_blog_June09.jpg Washington DC based Reveal Cosmetics is holding a fete that will have free Botox injections for unemployed as well as a recruitment-like conference. The dermatology clinic will be injecting those feeling the pressures and stresses of the global financial crisis, while also bringing into the clinic recruiters for those unemployed to mingle and network with. But is this cosmetic soiree a bit more superficial than we think? Some skeptics think it is a poor attempt for self-promotion, while job-seekers are thrilled at the opportunity to remove wrinkles and meet recruiters. Alternative Health Journal wrote, "Reveal Cosmetics located in Washington, D.C. has decided to give a metaphorical facelift to the recession, in an effort to remove wrinkles and create a little more income for themselves in these harsh times. Participants are required to bring their updated resume, as well as proof of unemployment." Over the past few months we have seen an influx of gimmicks, marketing campaigns and give-aways targeting cosmetic dernatology and Botox crazed patients, but this seems to be the mose clever, as it ties in the issues of the recession and dermatology. It seems to be a win-win for everyone involved, the clinic get's their name out, recruiters find potential employees and everyone gets free injections.
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