Horrors of Cellulite

Cellulite_derma_blog_june09.jpg Millions of women all over the world have one thing in common ? cellulite. The dreaded bumps in the skin near your backside and thighs have long plagued women. It's no wonder that women have spent thousands trying to find a cure, but unfortunately a set treatment still doesn't exist. Unfortunately for women, cellulite generally only strikes females, as we have connective tissues and estrogen that causes this issue. The New York Times said in an article about cellulite, "The market for cellulite-reduction devices in the United States was more than $47 million in 2008, said Amy Krohn, a spokeswoman for the Millennium Research Group. It is projected to grow to $62 million by 2013. But no treatment has emerged as the gold standard. "Most studies show a 25 to 50 percent improvement after multiple treatments," Dr. Wanner said. "Some patients have even less improvement, and the effects may go away over time so patients may require additional treatments." Just last year dermatologists had said there was a huge increase in the number of anti-cellulite creams on the market. However, none of which were seen to have had consistently positive results.
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