Paralyzed Patient 'Cured' with Botox

Botox_injections_cure_paralysis_derma_Blog_June09.jpg An Australian stroke victim who was paralyzed by the debilitating disease is said to be cured from Botox injections. Russel McPhee a very active 49-year-old fell victim to a stroke at age 26 and since then has been virtually immobile. Until two decades later when the Victorian was being injected with Botox (botulinum toxin) and seems to be walking and standing again. Fox News said of the miraculous story, "Just one month after his first Botox injection, he was able to stand up and walk a few yards."He is the best example we have of such significant gains after treatment with botulinum toxin," rehabilitation specialist Dr. Nathan Johns said. "Other patients have shown improvement, but they were already ambulant." Botox injections for stroke patients is considered off the market in the US, hwoever other countries are dabbling in experiments to see what medical perks Botox has besides it's cosmetic benefits. The FDA has not approved such treatments as of yet, but with such stories there may be discussions happening in the US for such measures.
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