Red Sea Coral and Skin Cancer: an Unlikely Pair

Coral_Cancer_Derma_blog_June09.jpg Not the most common of duos to be heard on the dermatology front, but studies done at the South Dakota State University are showing a link between coral found in the Red Sea and skin cancer treatment. Dermatologists are trying to raise awareness for skin cancer, especially as summer rapidly approaches. Having treatments for the common, yet dangerous cancer, may prove to be quite the asset. According to All Headline News, "[The Study] identified the chemopreventive effects of sarcophine-idol, which is made from sarcophine. Sarcophine can be isolated from soft coral found in the Red Sea. This new research, published in the March issue of the journal Translational Oncology, explored the potential of sarcophone-idol to inhibit cancer cell growth, along with its potential to induce orderly, programmed cell death of skin cancer cells, according to the statement." The dermatologists and scientists think that there is a chance the chemical Sarcophine can in fact be utilized as a chemotherapeutic tool. The potential exists and now further studies must be implemented and further delved into.
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