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sun_tan_derma_blog_June09.jpg Studies show that many people still fail to apply and reapply sunscreen when in the sun. This summer rather than roasting in the UV rays to get a bronzed look, opt for safer tanning methods like creams and bronzers. Dermatologists are staunch advocates of constant application of sunblock even on cloudy days. The sun's UV rays are damaging and over many years and prolonged hours, it can induce skin cancer. The New York Times said, "Those seeking a safe tan have a choice of products called sunless tanners and bronzers, including daily moisturizers, brush-on powders and sprays that gradually add a tan to the skin that washes off over time. These products use a color additive - a colorless sugar called dihydroxyacetone, or DHA - that darkens the skin by reacting with amino acids in the dead cells on the skin surface. The sun, in contrast, affects the deepest layers of the skin." So to get that healthy glow and beached look, try the safer alternative this summer. You can still have a bronzed beach body without the ramifications of sun damage. Also wearing hats and sunglasses are a major factor in protecting your skin.
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