A New Nose Job

Artefille_derm_blog_july09.JPG The recession has affected the economy many arenas, including plastic surgeons' offices. However, one plastic surgeon is doing better than ever due to a Non Surgical Nose Job procedure he originally created as an alternative to traditional rhinoplasty. Artefill, the permanent filler approved by the FDA, is used as an injection into the nose to help form desired structure. "With Artefill, the cosmetic result of the Non-Surgical Nose Job will persist just as long as the result of surgical Rhinoplasty. We are presently seeing many more patients who were considering surgery. Now that we can offer a permanent non-surgical solution, patients are eager to avoid the pain, downtime, risk and cost, associated with surgery" says Dr. Alexander Rivkin, the creator of the Non-Surgical Nose Job. Minimally invasive procedures have increased in popularity, as women and men look for quicker and less expensive ways to beautify themselves in this economy. Artefill effectively camouflages bumps, helps define nose bridges, and can also help redefine the tip of the nose. Dr. Rivkin is excited offer his patients a non-invasive option that may prove to redefine cosmetic enhancement.
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