Acupuncture Facelift

Acupuncture_derm_blog_july09.JPG Alternative procedures for cosmetic surgery are growing in popularity as the concern of recession grows. Acupuncture has often been used to help alleviate stress and certain body ailments. Now the procedure is also available as an alternative to a facelift. "Although it is not a replacement for surgery, cosmetic acupuncture is a safe, painless, and less costly alternative for a traditional facelift" reports the Examiner. Cosmetic acupuncture involves a series of needle treatments to the face, ears, neck, hands, and legs along meridians. This allows the "chi" to flow through the body and up the meridians to your face. The results help improve complexion, soften fine lines, enhance muscle tone, soften wrinkles, and allows your face to have a more relaxed look. A complete acupuncture facelift program involves 10 to 15 sessions. Acupuncture will not provide the same results as a traditional surgical facelift, but will help relax the muscles in your face and provide you a more youthful appearance.
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