Licorice for Skin Cancer

Skin_cancer_derma_blog_june09.jpg Childhood candy licorice may have beneficial factors for protecting against skin cancer. The National Cancer Institute in the US has noted that licorice extract may aid in healing UV damaged skin. Licorice extracts are currently used in many sun protection and sunscreens; it is known to dramatically improve sunburned skin. The UK Daily Mail said, "Similar research at Hamdard University, New Delhi, revealed that licorice helped skin cells recover after being damaged by UV light.'When we applied glycyrrhizin topically, there was an increase in enzymes that help restore cells to their optimal function after being damaged,' explains Dr Sahar Rahman. " For those of you prepping and bronzing for bikini season, take caution this summer and use products like the licorice extracts to protect your skin from the sun's rays.
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