Relief from Rosacea

rosacea_derma_blog_july09.JPG Rosacea affects about 10% of the population and causes facial redness and sensitivity. There are different types of rosacea, each with different treatment options. These range from lifestyle changes to laser therapy, reports the New York Times. Those suffering from the most common form of rosacea have small broken blood vessels on their face, causing the red tinge to their skin. These patients benefit most by avoiding flush-provoking substances like hot beverages, spicy foods, alcohol, and hot meals. They are also suggested to wear a daily sun block of SPF 15 or higher. If suffering from a more severe form of rosacea where pimples and bumps arise across the face, antibiotic creams and pills are the best form of treatment. Sulfur creams are usually prescribed to be applied directly to the affected area. The rarest form of rosacea is rhinophyma where the nose and face may swell. Laser therapy or surgery helps these patients control the symptoms and return the skin to a normal color and shape. Patients concerned about their rosacea symptoms should see a physician for a full list of treatment options available to them.
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