Sake and Your Skin

kojic_derma_blog_july09.JPG There are many home remedies on the market to help improve the quality of your skin. One alternative remedy is found in an unlikely place, and you have probably been exposed to this substance if you have ever been out to eat sushi. Sake, a Japanese rice wine, contains acids that actually help improve your complexion and act as a skin lightener. The Examiner explains that "the kojic acids in rice wine (sake) decrease your skin's ability to form the type of melanin found in age spots and freckles. If you put sake on your face or use skincare products containing sake or kojic acid, you'll also find the rice wine keeps moisture in your skin." The kojic acid is recommended for those with hypersensitive skin, as the side effects are limited and it will not irritate most skin types. Those with freckles or age spots need to simply apply the sake, or products containing kojic acid, on their skin for results. The process will take a few weeks but should help lighten skin's complexion over time.
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