The Skinny on SmartLipo

SmartLipo_derma_blog_july09.jpg When I woke up this morning, I knew only the basics about SmartLipo. But today I was fortunate enough to watch this procedure and get a first hand look at how new technology is being used. I accompanied a new friend of mine to his plastic surgeon to remove unwanted fat around his chin. The procedure he was to undergo was called SmartLipo, a non-invasive cosmetic procedure which uses lasers to dissolve fat cells. Unlike traditional liposuction which is requires anesthesia, SmartLipo is out-patient and only requires a local anesthetic. In the hours prior to the surgery, he was able to eat and drink without worry. We even stopped at McDonalds. Once we arrived at the plastic surgeon's office in Torrance, California, he was only given a few pain pills and prepped for the procedure. To begin, the area under his chin was injected with a substance of idocaine and epinephrine to numb the flesh and to prevent excess bleeding. Then the surgeon made three small incisions around his jaw line to insert the SmartLipo lasers. The lasers were used to melt away the unwanted fat cells under his chin. He told me that he felt no pain, only a warm sensation from the heat of the lasers. Once the cells were dissolved, the plastic surgeon removed all excess fat with a long thin tube inserted in the same incisions. The surgery was completed in less than an hour. My friend was awake during the entire procedure and even cracked jokes with the staff during his SmartLipo. The swelling of his face would subside in about a week, with full results in a month once the skin has healed. A great benefit of SmartLipo is the minimal downtime required. Most patients are able to return to a normal lifestyle after only one day. He commented that he even felt fine to go out to dinner that night. New technology has made cosmetic procedures easier and safer than ever. Within one hour, he was able to remove unwanted fat around his face with little pain and virtually no scarring. Ten years ago, this would not have been possible. Laser technology is on the cutting edge of science and SmartLipo has proven to be an effective and safe procedure favored by many physicians.
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