Stressing out Your Face

Stress_derma_blog_august09.JPG For many, times have been tough the past few years due to the economic recession. A survey conducted by the American Laser Centers determined that the population stress manifests itself physically. The two highest reasons noted for the stress were work and the economy. A total of 86% of the participants reported that they felt a physical manifestation from their stress. The areas most affected differ for men and women. In women, the face was reported as receiving the negative effects of stress. For men, the abdominal region was reported as being the region most affected. People should understand that stress can have an effect on a person emotionally and physically. Being able to handle stress is important in order to keep up a youthful appearance. But for those who have felt the impact of stress already, do not worry any more than you already are. There are many procedures to help smooth out the worry wrinkles and to tone up the abdomen.
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