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skype_derma_blog_august09.JPG The popular video conferencing technology Skype is used by thousands to keep in contact with friends, family, and even hold business meetings. One plastic surgeon's office has even utilized the tool for consultations with patients. Park Avenue Smart Lipo doctors use Skye for their initial screening. Once in contact with patients, they can answer questions patients have about procedures and their office. A follow up face to face appointment is made if the patient is interested after the Skype conversation. "There is a lot of information on the internet out there, its hard for people to decipher it. There is not substitute for face to face to learn more about the procedures" says Dermanetwork member Dr. Spero Theodorou to Good Morning America. Skye is used as a screening tool to determine who would be a good candidate for SmartLipo procedures. Many of their clients do not have time in their schedules to make appointments during their busy week for an initial consultation. Skype allows these doctors to answer patient questions when it is convenient for them without the hassle of making appointments. Skype is just one example of doctors utilizing technology to make their practice more efficient and in touch with the needs of the population.
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