Tanning Tax Got You Down? Try Sunless Tanning

A new tax targeting indoor tanning will be put into affect July 1st, 2010, and has many fans of the bronzed bod worried. Dermatologists support the tax, saying it will help support safer tanning practices and cut down on skin cancer. But shunning the tanning booth doesn't mean your glow has to fade. A huge variety of sunless tanning products are available, both in stores and through spas and salons. Creams and sprays are formulated for different skin types, providing even the fairest among us the ability to achieve a sun-kissed glow--without the damage and risk of cancer. Spray tanning is another popular option, which is especially effective for those wishing for a perfectly even, all-over tan. Available at skin care spas and through mobile vendors (tanning party, anyone?), a spray tan gives a customizable even tone to skin that can last for weeks. To learn more about Sunless Tanning options, Click Here, or contact your local skin care specialist.
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