Birth Control and Acne: What's the Connection?

Everyone wants to look younger, and while Acne may make you look like a hormonal teenager again, that's probably not the kind of youth you're interested in. Acne can be an aggravating condition for both teens and adults, and seeking treatment options for acne can seem almost as frustrating as suffering from it. While topical creams and even antibiotics seem like logical solutions (acne can be caused by bacteria on the skin, after all), one remedy frequently recommended by dermatologists to female patients is a low-dose hormonal birth control pill.

But why? Why would taking a pill that prevents pregnancy prevent zits? Well, as it turns out, acne can be caused by a few, or a combination of, different factors. An abundance of oil on the skin's surface is often a cause of teenage acne, but hormones can definitely play a part as well--don't most kids get acne when they hit puberty? The same goes for adults; female hormones fluctuate throughout the month, and certain spikes can cause breakouts.

Birth control pills regulate hormones, and have been found to help women control their acne breakouts. But you shouldn't start taking the pill unless you intend to use it for birth control and are comfortable with the risks involved. There are many alternative ways to manage acne, including photodynamic therapy and chemical peels. Contact a specialist today for more information!

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