Dysport or Botox? Explore Your Options

Dysport is the newest competition for BOTOX, the injectable medication that uses botulinum toxin A to immobilize muscles for a short period of time. Until Dysport came along, BOTOX had a monopoly on the wrinkle-immobilization market. But now, Dysport provides an alternative to BOTOX for patients to consider when deciding the best way to fight wrinkles.

Botox and Dysport are more alike than different. Dysport is also made from botulinum toxin A and is used in the same manner as Botox, which is typically injected between the eyebrows, next to the eyes and on the forehead.

Because the use of Botox injections causes an immune response within the body, Botox can lose its effectiveness when used regularly over a long period of time. The body can 'get used' to BOTOX.  Dysport, however, uses fewer proteins and therefore elicits a much weaker immune response within the body. Those who have found that Botox no longer works for them may benefit from Dysport treatments.

Some specialists notice that Dysport seems to work more quickly than BOTOX to reduce wrinkles, but the two products last for about the same amount of time before 'touch-ups' are needed.

The biggest advantage to patients receiving Dysport injection is the price; it's cheaper than Botox, and it's possible that with some competition prices for both products may be drop even more.

To learn more about Dysport and BOTOX, consult your local specialist.

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