June is Acne Awareness Month

Did you know that June is Acne Awareness Month? ?Acne can be a very frustrating condition to manage, as it can be caused by a variety (or combination) of factors. There are also numerous myths about acne that can confuse consumers as they try to treat and determine the causes of their acne flare-ups. Some common acne myths include: 1) "Myth: Eating greasy foods will give you acne" Fact: It's always important to eat a balanced diet of foods rich in vitamins and minerals, but eating junk foods such as chips, chocolate, fries, and pizza, in moderation, won't harm your skin. There is no connection between the oil in the foods and the production of the natural oils in the skin. 2) "Myth: Only teenagers get acne" Fact:While it's true that acne is common during puberty, when the hormones are the most active, teens aren't the only ones who suffer from it. Adult men and women can both develop acne but it is more common in women because of the constant fluctuation of hormones during each menstrual cycle and even during pregnancy. 3) "Myth: All acne can be treated in the same way" Fact: There are different types and levels of acne, so it should be handled in an individualized way. Skin type, age, and the root cause of the acne can all influence which products or treatments will work best. There are a wide variety of treatment options available, including photodynamic therapy , chemical peels , and topical treatments. Consult a local specialist for a personalized recommendation.
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