Use Internet Marketing Techniques to Boost Your Practice's Referrals

? Estimates say there were over 200 million websites on the internet in January 2010 ? Nearly 74% of North Americans use the internet The online community is a huge, growing audience. Having an online presence that represents your practice well is becoming a vital part of modern business practices. Don't lose your patients to other internet-savvy facilities! Even if you have a website, networking services like are valuable to maximizing your online impact. Enabling prospective patients to find you amid the millions of websites out there is essential for your online marketing to be effective. Joining an online network of specialists on a top ranking website can do wonders for your practice. Consider these facts: ? In April 2009 alone, 14.8 billion online searches were performed in the United States ? A study showed that 81% of internet users used search engines to find new websites already ranks for many of the top terms in the cosmetic dermatology industry. When you join the network, your facility benefits from both procedure and location-specific keyword rankings. Reach out to potential new clients by making your facility's information easy for them to find. provides an established, identifiable entity for your practice to associate with, and focuses on connecting specialists with patients nationwide.
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