Ms. Mustache? Vaniqa Is Here to See You

Are you sick of shaving that 'stache? All women have at least some facial hair, but for certain women the hair on their upper lip, cheeks, or chin may appear thicker, darker, or coarser than they would like.

There are many options when it comes to addressing unwanted facial hair, including bleaching, shaving, and waxing. But these fixes are incomplete--they don't do anything to prevent new hair growth. But now, a great non-invasive product is available to do just that.

Vaniqa is the only prescription cream approved by the FDA to reduce the growth of unwanted facial hair in women. How does it work? Vaniqa absorbs into the skin and affects the enzyme that promotes hair growth. The active ingredient in Vaniqa goes below the surface of the skin to block this growth process, thereby slowing down hair growth. For most women, it also causes hair to grow in finer and lighter in color. Most patients will find that they are able to use their preferred hair removal treatments less frequently when they use Vaniqa regularly.

Interested? Contact a local skin care specialist to learn more, or visit the Vaniqa page on DermaNetwork.

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