Stem Cells: The Newest Beauty Buzzword?

Consider these phrases: 'Stem cells' and 'Fat injections.' Do images of beauty and youth come to mind? Probably not. But new cosmetic treatments involving both stem cells and fat may prove to represent a new era of aesthetic medicine.

Cell Enriched Cosmetic Surgery is the official name. Basically, these treatments involve removing fat cells from select areas of the body, treating those cells and encouraging them to multiply the stem cells that naturally occur in them, and then reintroducing the treated fat cells to the breasts, face, or other areas where volume and fullness is needed.

The idea is that the stem cells help the fat cells survive the transfer better. Some specialists also believe that the stem cells may serve as an anti-aging aid, since they may speed up the healing process and encourage tissue regeneration.

Sounds great, right? Yes, but it's important to keep in mind that some skin care specialists aren't sure that the stem cells are as effective as some people say, and are concerned that not enough clinical research has been done. Also, cell enriched cosmetic surgery procedures have not been approved by the FDA, though they have been performed for some time in Europe and other countries.

While cell enriched cosmetic surgery may be the future, it also may need to prove it's worth (and safety) in the lab. Check back with for updates about stem cell related procedures. To consult a local specialist about these and other anti-aging treatments, click here.

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