Fit Beauty Into the Budget! Tips for Financing Your Cosmetic Treatment

In today's economy, your cosmetic dreams might seem unreachable. But more and more patients are exploring their options when it come to affording the procedures they want. Why wait to make your dreams become reality?

Consider the following options as you explore how to manage the cost of your treatment:

  • Financing. Credit card and traditional loan use are popular choices when it comes to balancing your cosmetic treatment costs. There are also specialized financial institutions that offer loans particularly for cosmetic procedures. Talk to the staff or specialist at the facility you are planning to work with; they may have a relationship with a particular cosmetic lender, or offer in-house financing for their patients.
  • Gift. Got a birthday coming up? Cosmetic treatment ?gifts? are becoming increasingly popular. Whether from a loved one, friend, or employer, the gift of a rejuvenated look is something you'll be able to enjoy every day.?
  • Insurance.?Depending on the situation, your health insurance could cover some of the costs of the procedure you're interested in. For example, treatment for vein conditions like varicose veins may be covered by insurance because they may cause pain and compromise blood circulation--which would make treatment a medical neccesity. Acne treatments may also be covered, since the condition carries a risk of infection. Of course, every insurance plan is different, so discussing your plans with your provider is very important.
  • Discounts.?If you are planning to get multiple treatments, consider having them performed at the same time. Many facilities offer significant discounts for second, third, and fourth procedures performed on the same day, and you get the benefit of time and money?recovery time is shortened, and you get to start enjoying your new look right away!
  • Be sure to talk with your specialist about all of the possible costs associated with your procedure before you agree to undergo treatment, including the cost of follow-up visits or subsequent treatment sessions. Establishing good communication with your specialist is the best way to know what to expect from your treatment, both financially and aesthetically!

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