Three Rejuvenating Skin Care Treatments

Summer's coming to a close, and after all the fun you've had, your skin's probably a little worse for wear. Drying chlorine and salt water, greasy sunscreens, and sun exposure have taken their toll... but don't worry, here are three excellent treatments designed to rejuvenate skin. Show your skin you care, and consider one of these cosmetic treatments:

Fotofacial/Intense Pulse Light Therapy: Photo rejuvenation is a non-ablative (does not damage the skin) skin rejuvenation technique that is delivered through a series of applications of intense pulsed light. The intense luminescent light is delivered to the interior layer of skin (dermis), leaving the exterior skin (epidermis) undamaged. Redness, spider veins, sun damage, and the signs of aging can all be addressed with this procedure, which can be performed on the face, neck and chest.

VI Peel: This is not your mother's chemical peel! The VI Peel consists of a serum containing a blend of special acids which work together to reduce many of the signs of aging, like skin problems caused by sun damage, such as wrinkles or brown spots, and pigmentation problems, such as hyper-pigmentation and melasma. Just the exfoliating properties of a chemical peel will give your damaged summer skin a revitalized look, but a VI Peel is even able to stimulate the production of collagen, so your skin looks refreshed and firm.

Fraxel: Fraxel is a laser treatment in the forefront of modern skin resurfacing. It utilizes technology that stimulates the cells ability to repair themselves to produce new healthy tissues. Through this process, the Fraxel laser restores collagen and skin elasticity. Wrinkles, sun damage, and discoloration are all significantly reduced or eliminated completely, with minimal downtime--allowing you to get back to having that end-of-summer fun!

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