Totally Tan? 'Scientifically Impossible' Say Scientists

According to a new medical study, if you think laying out will give you that perfect glow, you're wrong!

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh found that some areas of the body are much more resistant to tanning than others, which means that even if your entire body is exposed to the same amount of sunlight, it wont tan evenly.

The group of researchers analyzed the skin of almost 100 individuals who were exposed to six doses of UVB on two areas of their body - the lower back and the buttocks.

The buttocks were discovered to be more resistant to sun damage than other body areas. And when they do go red, they don't tan as well as other areas. Scientists have noted that the study is the first time that the depth of a person’s tan, and not just redness of the skin, has been scientifically measured.

What does this mean for you? If it's an overall, even bronze you seek, DON'T lay out in the sun. You will not only get uneven color, you risk doing damage to your skin that could lead to wrinkles, premature aging, and even skin cancer. Instead, try sunless tanning products. There are a multitude of at-home lotions and creams you can apply, or visit a salon for a professional spray-tan. The results will be better, and far less risky. Contact a local skin care expert today for more information about the study, and to learn more about the dangers of tanning.

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