Is This Botox a Deal or a Bad Investment?

Botox deals are all the rage these days, with many websites offering coupons or discounts for extremely cheap Botox treatments. But before you cash into these “steals,” you should stop and ask yourself whether it really is a good deal or a bad investment. Here are a few key questions to ask before handing over your money.

How long have you been administering Botox?

Almost any health care professional can administer Botox, depending on where you live. In fact, that is why there are so many “steals” out there—oftentimes, rates are cheaper when the practitioner does not have the experience. If you decide to get Botox, you always want to have it administered by a medical professional, one who is trained and specializes in Botox and one who has been doing it for a while. Recommendations from other people are always beneficial.

What kinds of complications can occur with Botox?

The specialist you choose should be honest about the types of complications that can occur with Botox. Dismissing your concerns or questions without discussing them should be a big red flag. Your specialist should disclose possible complications that can occur with Botox, such as facial paralysis or asymmetry. Your cosmetic specialist should be open and honest about complications and risks, as well as assuring you that her experience means that you will be in safe hands.

Who would NOT be good candidates for Botox?

If the answer is no one, turn around and walk out the door. Not everyone should get Botox and an ethical specialist will tell you that. People that have any neuromuscular diseases, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and those with body dysmorphic disorder are just some people who should avoid Botox procedures. However, some unethical practitioners do not take any outside factors in mind and will perform the treatment on anyone willing to pay. If a potential doctor never turns anyone away, that is a huge warning sign.

If you see a Botox deal that seems suspiciously good, it just might be. While some reputable cosmetic specialists will offer Botox deals and discounts every now, make sure that above all you are in the hands of an experienced specialist, not someone who will give you a cheap deal as well as questionable results.

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