Laser Hair Removal: Doctor vs. DIY

Excessive hair or hair in unwanted places is a nightmare for many individuals. Waxing and shaving can only take you so far and require repeat treatments to maintain the results, which leads many people to seek professional laser hair removal. But are at-home laser hair removal treatments just as good as in-office treatments? Thanks to advancements in laser and light technologies, at-home laser hair removal treatment is now not only possible, but effective. Results achieved with such devices are exciting, as many achieve satisfactory results after about six to eight treatments with maintenance treatments required every intermittently thereafter. At-home treatments allow the individual greater flexibility in performing the treatment, as appointments and trips to the physician's office would not be necessary. However, as with in-office laser hair removal, at-home procedures carry certain risks such as red skin, skin burn, scarring or pigmentation issues when these devices are not used correctly. Many devices include built-in safety features, but laser hair removal may be safer if performed by a trained professional in a properly equipped facility. Professional in-office laser hair removal is administered in a comfortable environment by medical professionals who have received the proper training and are experienced in performing this treatment. Safety and cooling precautions are taken at these facilities to help ensure the individual's safety and comfort as much as possible. Whether an individual decides to pursue at-home or in-office laser hair removal, they should always do their homework and consult a medical professional prior to treatment, even if they are set on going the at-home route. This helps determine which of the available at-home devices may be best for them, and will allow them to have all of their questions answered and concerns addressed.
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