Why Zerona is Lipo's Newest Get Skinny Star

We are two months into a brand new year and, like many of us, you are working hard to achieve your New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get into shape. You have been diligently following your diet and exercise program, but find that no matter what you do, that extra layer of fat around your belly (or thighs) just won’t budge. You feel that you need something more to support your diet and exercise efforts and help you achieve more targeted re-contouring. What do you do? Consider using a painless and non-invasive method of liposuction that utilizes the power of laser light beams, rather than surgery, to zap those tough-to-treat areas.

Zerona is a method of laser liposuction treatment that, for many, is providing a solution for targeting stubborn areas that have not responded to other body contouring measures.  One of the first "laser fat removal" devices recently approved by the FDA for non-invasive body slimming and re-contouring, Zerona is designed to target fat cells with low-level wavelengths of light. This “lipolaser” light is aimed at specific trouble spots to make the fat seep out of the cells in that area. Once the cells have been zapped by the “lipolaser” and deflated of excess fat, the targeted area will typically appear smaller, smoother and trimmer.  It is important to note that the fat cells treated with Zerona have not been destroyed, but merely emptied. This means that if you want to keep that newly contoured area slim and trim, you will need to maintain a healthy program of diet and exercise.

Treatment Snapshot: What to Expect

Because Zerona is a non-surgical approach to fat-reduction and body shaping, the treatments are safe and virtually painless. No anesthetic is required and the treatment is unlikely to pose any medical risk. Each Zerona session typically lasts 40 minutes, and patients are advised to undergo a series of six treatment sessions every two or three days over a period of two weeks. Patients are also advised to drink copious amounts of water to flush their system and optimize treatment during those two weeks. Most physicians offering Zerona treatments recommend that patients drink plenty of water in the pre- and post-treatment phases as well, to achieve optimum results.

How it Works

Zerona uses five laser light beams to target adipose tissue – subcutaneous fat that is just under the surface of the skin – in specific areas of your body. The lasers reach through to the fat cells in your target areas, creating a porous surface on the cells that allow them to collapse and expel liquefied fat.  You won’t feel a thing as the laser beams do their work. You will typically lie quietly on a table in a private room – wearing your bathing suit and special glasses that protect your eyes from the laser lights. A technician will position the Zerona machine so that the laser light beams are aimed at your trouble spots at timed intervals. The treatment is quiet and stress-free, allowing you to take a nap or make a phone call. The machine will shut off automatically at the end of your treatment, and your technician will re-enter your treatment room to move the Zerona machine out of your way so you can get dressed.

Guidelines to Follow During Treatment

Drink Plenty of Water Every Day – at least 60 ounces – to aid your lymphatic system in processing and flushing the liquefied fat that has been excreted from your fat cells.

Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, Soda and Junk Food, as these can negatively impact your body’s ability to metabolize and flush the fat from your body once it has been released from your fat cells.

Don’t skip treatments. For your two-week series of Zerona treatments, it is best that you don’t go more than 72 hours (3 days) between sessions, or the efficacy of the “fat draining” process will be minimized. In fact, some of the fat may be reabsorbed into your fat cells if you allow too much time to elapse between sessions.

While Zerona body contouring treatments require a two-week commitment of several sessions to complete, the potential payoff is worth it. Those who are looking to boost their overall fitness efforts will very likely be happy with the targeted results that Zerona delivers. 

If you would like to try Zerona to help you achieve more targeted body shaping results, click here to find a provider in your area.



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