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Welcome to Millennium Medical

We recognize that your positive body image improves your quality of life and well-being. At Millennium Medical we strive to provide you with the latest in surgical, non-surgical and cosmetic services in a safe, caring and comfortable environment.

Our warm and friendly team is here for you, and is available by phone, e-mail, and, in person, to help you with all of your questions and concerns. We will make every effort to make your visit comfortable and informative. Be assured, we are dedicated to understanding your unique goals and providing you with an exceptional experience. Please contact a member of our team today if you have any questions or if you wish to schedule a consultation!

Our main concern is that our patients are completely satisfied with their results. We look forward to build a satisfying, long-term relationship with our patients and blend this association with the many opportunities we offer patients for realizing their goals.

Physician Profile

Dr. Rassael primary goal is to attend to the need of every patient. He is a caring cosmetic surgeon who has dedicated himself to his patients. Dr. Rassael evaluates every patient's needs and desires determining the best treatment plans that will help the patients meet their cosmetic goals.

Dr. Rassael graduated from George Washington University, and then went on to complete his PhD majoring in Physiology at Georgetown University. He graduated at the top of his class from The New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. He did his surgical residency at St. Agnes Hospital including training at the world renowned Johns Hopkins Burn center in Baltimore, Maryland. In his training he had the opportunity to learn the surgical skills to perform body and facial surgery. After his general surgery training, he continued his studies at AFIP/Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, DC where he completed his Head & Neck Fellowship.

Due to his passion for cosmetic surgery, Dr Rassael took it upon himself to further fine tune, not only his surgical techniques but also to learn the art of facial and body contouring surgery. His Training with world renown surgeons, such as Dr Lore', Dr Gallagher and Dr Nuveen has made him an exceptional cosmetic surgeon. On a training journey, he worked with several cosmetic surgeons in Baltimore, Maryland.

As a member of The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr Rassael is at forefront of the latest Surgical techniques for Body Contouring and Facial Cosmetic surgery. He is extensively involved in attending seminars, lectures and clinical workshops both nationally and internationally.

As a Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Rassael also understands the need for non-surgical enhancement that's available in the world of cosmetic practice. He has always been in the forefront of both surgical and non-surgical innovations to improve his patient's physical image. His practice has an expansive array of treatment options including Botox, Fillers, laser treatments, and cosmetic dermatology.

Services Provided

Millennium Medical offers a number of facial cosmetic surgery options to revive the natural beauty of your skin. Whether you are seeking a brow lift, facelift, or a combination of procedures, our surgeon can skillfully define your facial contours while maintaining your skin’s integrity. If you are interested in facial cosmetic surgery to revitalize your look, please contact our Maryland cosmetic surgery center and medispa, serving Chevy Chase, Washington, D.C., and surrounding communities.


Over time, facial skin tends to lose its elasticity and muscle tone due to the aging process, sun exposure, and other environmental factors. A rejuvenating facelift is a cosmetic procedure which tightens sagging skin and the underlying facial muscles to lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles. When combined with our recommended skin treatments and dermal fillers, the overall result can take years off your appearance.

Brow Lift

Droopy eyebrows or furrowed brow lines can make otherwise youthful-looking skin appear tired and haggard. The brow lift, also known as the forehead lift, is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess skin and elevates the brows to create a more refreshed, rested appearance. This procedure is often performed in conjunction with a facelift or neck lift for complete facial rejuvenation.

Ear Surgery

Ear surgery, clinically known as otoplasty, is a surgical procedure commonly performed on children, as well as adults, to improve the appearance of overly prominent ears. The procedure can also correct folded ear tips, enhance small ears and remedy the effects of ear injuries. A successful ear surgery balances facial aesthetics and creates confidence in the patient.

Armed with a talented physician, Millenium Medi Spa Inc offers a variety of services to help patients look and feel their best. If you are in need of a boost, book an appointment today!
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