Autolgen as a Dermal Filler

Autologen was a dermal filler used in the treatment of wrinkles and lines on the face. The product was manufactured in the USA but is no longer available now. Some physicians do use it as they still have old supplies left over.

Autologen was derived from one's own skin or from other skin donors. The skin was excised and the collaged was prepared from it. After a 4 week preparation period, the product was available as an injectable filler.

This provided the product with two important properties.

1) It did not have any allergy since it was derived from the individual

2) Freshly prepared collagen is more durable and resisted breakdown

Results from Autologen injections revealed that it was a sturdy product and did erase wrinkle for at least 12 months.

However, Autologen was not complication free. The complications reported were:

- Bruising

- Lumps and bumps

- Uneven skin

- Skin necrosis

- Granulomas

- Delayed hypersensitivity reactions

Advantages of Autologen

- No allergy testing was required

- Product could be stored for many tears

- Natural product


- requires surgery and waiting period before substance is ready for injection

- results are temporary

- much higher cost compared to collagen based injectable fillers

The product cost about $1200 to $1500 per 3.0cc. The product is no longer available today.

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