Dermal Fillers

The most important substance in the body which provides support for the tissues is collagen. When collagen disappears, the skin looses its support and develops lines and wrinkles. Thus, the majority of dermal fillers available today are based on collagen.

Dermal Fillers

There are two basic types of dermal fillers:

Collagen fillers which contain human collagen and include CosmoDerm and CosmoPlast. Both of these products are bioengineered human collagen products and do not have any potential to cause allergies.

Collagen fillers that are derived from bovine or animal based. These types include Zyderm and Zyplast. Since they are derived from animals, allergy testing is required and one has to wait at least 4 weeks to see a response. Those individuals who are allergic can not be injected with these products.

Individuals who can undergo dermal fillers are most commonly in between the ages of 40-60. There are some candidates who should not be injected with dermal fillers and these include:

- pregnant females

- those who are breast feeding

- those will allergy to bovine products

- those with allergy to local anesthetics

- those with collagen vascular disease

All Dermal fillers injections are done as an outpatient in a doctor's office. Despite the claims that the procedure is painless, this is not true. Injection of dermal fillers does hurt, and in most cases, the physician will use a local anesthetic to numb the area.

All areas of injection are marked prior to the injection and the face is washed. The entire procedure usually takes anywhere from 10-30 minutes.

After the injection, the wrinkles and lines are immediately improved. Infact, most treated areas appears swollen and overfilled immediately after the injection. Within a week, the swelling subsides and the final cosmetic effect is visualized.

After the injections, most individuals will develop

- swelling

- bruising

- pain

- redness

These side effects will last for 2-4 days but occasionally last a week. One can resume all activities within 24 hours but heavy exercise should be delayed for about a week.

It is highly recommended that one stay out of the sun after injections

Before getting a dermal filling, you should:

Check your physicians training and ask how many times he/she has done the procedure

Read and understand about the type of dermal filler you are going to have injected

If it is bovine based product, undergo an allergy test 4 weeks prior to the actual procedure.

Human based collagen products do not require allergy testing

Ask the physician to show you before and after photos of patients, so that you can determine exactly what the procedure will create

Inquire about the risks and complications

Find out how many treatments you will require

Get a complete list of preoperative and post operative instructions

Inquire about the time duration of the procedure

Ask the cost of the procedure including touch ups

For those who are getting ready for dermal fillers, the injection of these fillers does not always mean success. Many a times, the lines and wrinkles do not disappear.

The results are not guaranteed, are very unpredictable nor are the results permanent. Some dermal fillers may last a few weeks and some a few months. Despite what is reported and marketed by the vendors, 6-9 months duration is not seen in everyone.

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