Endermologie and Cellulite

Endermologie is a relatively new non surgical procedure that has become available to treat cellulite. The procedure has been used in Europe for many years but only now has it been introduced in the USA. It is still waiting Federal approvement for routine usage. The principle of Endermologie is that a machine with rollers and suction is gently applied to the body. The procedure is performed 1-2 times weekly for a period of several months. This has been claimed to rid the body of fat and cellulite

Endermologie does not work for everyone. And when this occurs, the fault is usually blamed due to poor technician ability. The technician is usually blamed for not applying adequate pressure or using low suction on the skin- otherwise the company claims that everyone should benefit from the technique.

Each session lasts about 40 minutes and anywhere from 1-2 sessions are required each week. Some physicians recommend at least 15-20 sessions for Endermologie to show its beneficial effects

Advantages of Endermologie

There are claims that Endermologie

- improves body tone

- improves body contour

- causes no pain

- there are no needles

- there is no down time

- it is cheaper than liposuction

- relaxes muscle

- improves circulation

- reshapes body after pregnancy

Endermologie is by no means cheap for a treatment with no guarantee of benefits. . Each treatment costs $50-70. The average cost to achieve the maximum cosmetic benefit is between $1,200 and $2,000. Maintenance is then $50-100 per month.

Disadvantages of Endermologie

The claims of Endermologie have not been seen by all individuals. And the results are not guaranteed

To maintain the benefits of Endermologie, the vendors claim that the individual must also maintain:

Diet: A healthy diet is important to see a benefit with Endermologie. Regular French fries and McDonalds won't help. For those who fail to show benefit with Endermologie, the vendors always blame the individual's diet.

Exercise: The vendors also recommend regular exercise for Endermologie to work

Endermologie is not a permanent cure for cellulite or body fat and maintenance sessions are required each year.


There is a lot of controversy about the effectiveness of Endermologie. Many individuals fail to show any difference with the therapy and many physicians in America believe that this technique is a hoax. There are no studies which have demonstrated its benefit in a single clinical trial.

Some physicians mention that the effects of the technique are no better than exercise and diet.

Others claim that it is just another method of body massage

Whatever the case maybe, before jumping into this therapy, talk to individuals who have had it done and read about it. There are many health care professionals who remain unconvinced about this therapy.

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