Eye Rosacea

Rosacea does not only affect the skin but can also affect the eyes. The condition is more common in individuals with fair skin. Rosacea is characterized by a red rash which commonly occurs on the forehead, nose and cheeks area. Often pustules also occur at the same time. Almost all individuals complain of a reddish flush which comes and goes.

The facial flushing is triggered by many factors including eating hot and spicy foots, extreme changes in temperature, both physical and emotional stress and alcohol. As the condition progresses, the skin remains red and inflamed.

About 60% of individuals who develop the facial Rosacea also develop eye Rosacea. The eyes fail to make the oil which is required to lubricate the eyelids and eye. The symptoms of eye

Rosacea include:

- itchy eyes

- sensation of dry eyes

- dryness around the eyes

- pimples or pustules around the eye

- dry and scaly eye lids

- repeat infections of the eye

- ulcers of the cornea

- persistent red eyes

- sensation of something in the eye

- intermittent tearing


The diagnosis of ocular Rosacea can be difficult if there are no skin signs. When the skin signs are present, the diagnosis is generally obvious. When the eye is involved, an eye doctor may be required to make a diagnosis.

A consultation with an eye doctor is a must for follow up because of potentially serious consequences that can occur.

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