Face lift with Threadlift Procedure

The Thread lift is a novel type of a minimally invasive surgical facelift that is done as outpatient. The procedure has almost no downtime and associated with minimal pain. The thread lift procedure requires the placement of several very small skin incisions compared to the traditional surgical face lift procedures. Thread lift is an excellent alternative in individuals ho want to improve their facial image but have very little free time on their hands. The procedure allows for a very short surgery and rapid recovery.

Thread lift is a noon time procedure performed in a physician's office. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The changes in the face start to appear as the procedure is being performed

The Thread lift facelift procedure is performed with specially designed sutures which have hooks at the end of it. These hooks engage the soft tissue and when pulled create an lifting effect on the face or neck area

In the thread lift procedure, the fine surgical sutures engage and lift the droopy areas of the brows, cheeks, face and neck. The process can be accomplished by using a thread with a barb and pulling on the thread to elevate the part of the skin. The threads are placed in precise locations using long needles which are inserted underneath the skin. When the best cosmetic effect is seen, the needle is removed and the end of the thread is secured in the deep tissues. The threads continue to provide long term support for that part of the skin.

Since is introduction in North America, thread lift has been widely used in the treatment of sagging neck and facial skin

Thread lift is not widely accepted by all plastic surgeons and the common concerns about the procedure are

- thread migration (which may cause an imbalanced facial appearance without further treatment),

- visible threads after surgery,

- The possibility of no improvement after surgery.

The thread lift procedure can be performed on the

- midface

- brow

- Lower face.

In just 1-2 hours time, a patient can have a totally refreshed appearance, with just a few days of recovery time.

Many people who undergo thread lifts are

- women between 35 and 45

- more prominence of the jaw, a relaxed (or minimally sagging) mid facial appearance

- slight bags under the eyes or on the neck

- Older patients may undergo a thread lift during the more aggressive facelift procedure to provide additional support for the soft tissue area that was elevated in the face lift

- Other thread lift candidates include those who have had a relapse from a previous plastic surgery procedure such as a facelift or neck lift.

The major side effects of Thread lift surgery are

- mild bruising

- numbness

- muscle weakness

- skin dimpling

- minor skin irregularities

- minor facial asymmetry

- feeling of the thread under the skin

- break of the thread

- Risk of repeat surgery

The cost of the thread lift is less than the conventional face lift because the procedure is not as time consuming and can be done in an office setting. The fee for the thread lift surgery is determined by the number of threads that are used. For example, the midface thread lift procedure usually requires 4 thread lift sutures. Thus, the total fee for this area of the face usually averages between $ 2000-3000. Financing is available.

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