Herpes Genitalis-Prognosis

Legal implication

Anyone diagnosed with genital herpes must disclose their condition with their sexual partner(s). In many States, this is mandated by law and the punishment is severe for individuals who are ignorant of this warning. Herpes genitalis has implications beyond medicine. All partners should seek medical attention to ensure they have not contracted a sexually transmitted disorder. For those who have no symptoms, watchful waiting is the best management


During the acute outbreak, individuals with genital herpes are highly contagious. All individuals with active disease should avoid sexual contact when sores are present. The condom is not full proof during active herpes because there may be some sores not covered by the condom or the condom may fall off (either the condom is too big or the penis is too large).

Although the chance of spreading disease is greatest when sores are present, people who have had genital herpes should always be assumed to be contagious, even if they are on antiviral medication. The virus is easily transferred to the sexual partner even when the skin appears completely normal. The use of a condom should not be underestimated. It is the key to prevention of not only herpes but many other sexually transmitted diseases. During the acute infection, fingering different parts of one's or the partner's body is an absolute no-no.


Many individuals need help to cope with herpes. The type of therapies available include herpes anonymous, self help groups, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, behavior and psychological therapy. The most important is that the individual understand his/her disease and its course. One can learn how to avoid triggering the infection. Antiviral therapy is available to reduce the outbreak frequency, but the medications are expensive. A positive attitude and knowing that the disease is not lethal will help cope with the disorder.


Most individuals recover from the infection in 7-14 days. The few lucky individuals just get one infection for remembrance. The unlucky ones get recurrences at variable rates. As far as a cure is concerned, it is still several years away and it definitely won't come cheap. The drug industry is not in the business of losing money. If the price of acyclovir is anything to go by, the vaccine will definitely not be cheap.

There is no doubt that conventional medical therapy has not been very effective in treating herpes simplex. However, it does offer drug therapy (Acyclovir) which is still the most effective compared to whatever else is available. Alternative care may work in some but in most individuals it does not.

Herpes unfortunately is forever and so buyer beware of anyone making claims that they can cure it. The best way to cure herpes genitalis is to avoid sex.

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