Herpes Genitalis and Diagnosis

When herpes infection occurs in the genital area, the diagnosis is generally obvious. The presence of vesicles, pain and the rash are usually diagnostic. However, to confirm the diagnosis, swab specimens are taken for analysis of the virus. In most cases, the virus is only found during the acute episode and usually in the blister. Despite this, the virus is not identified in the majority of cases and the diagnosis is made clinically. The use of blood work for the diagnosis of the virus is not helpful and rarely done.

The major reason why swabs are obtained from the genital area is to identify the presence of another cause of the symptoms. In more than 20% of the individuals, another organism (e.g. Chlamydia) is also present and requires treatment.

Sexual relationships

When you are infected with genital herpes, it is necessary to tell your partner about it. This may jeopardize your relationship but it is vital part of treatment. The stigma associated with a genital herpes infection is always negative and telling a partner may be difficult, but honesty is the best policy. If the partner is not treated at the same time, the virus will keep on recurring and treatment will fail.

Because herpes genitalis is a sexually acquired disorder, wearing a condom is essential to prevent spread of the infection. If one has an acute infection. Anti viral drugs must also be taken at the same time

Alternative therapy

The treatment of herpes genitalis is not very satisfying and many individuals seek other remedies, including alternative therapy. Alternative care has blossomed into a mega business despite the lack of much scientific data to back it claims. The desperate patient, patient gullibility and false promises is the key to success of this therapy.

Many nutrients, minerals and herbs have been claimed to be curative for herpes infection. Some alternative therapy involves consuming large doses of vitamins to eating the livers, spleen, and thymus of every species of animals. Others recommend herbs, powders, capsules and tablets of unknown myriad of ingredients found in the forests in Europe. Some of these products are to be consumed, others are to be pasted on and some even placed in the rectum- yet millions of individuals buy these products without any scientific data that they are effective.

Other therapies that have been used to treat herpes include acupuncture, psychological therapy, behavioral counseling and massage therapy,

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