Injections For Luscious Lips

Plump luscious lips are a common sought after plastic procedure. Fuller lips are now becoming desirable for both men and women of all ages. Both the upper and lower lip can be augmented at the same time. Lip augmentation can be done with injectables or with surgical implants.

Injectable to augment lips

Injections typically involve enlarging the lips with a jelly like substance to create a fuller lip. The most widely used injectables are collagen and fat.

Collagen: Collagen is usually obtained from bovine skin (cow) and prepared for injection. The product is foreign and the risk of an allergic reaction is always present. Thus all individuals who undergo collagen injections prepared from bovine animals have to undergo a prior allergy test. The injected collagen only lasts for 3-6 months. Over time the body resorbs the collagen and repeated injections are required to maintain the cosmetic look.

Fat is also used to augment lips. The fat is usually obtained from the abdomen or the thigh area and prepared for injection. Because the fat is derived from the same individual, there is no risk of an allergic reaction. Fat injections are also temporary but have a slightly more durability than collagen, lasting anywhere from 6-12 months. Repeated injections are required to maintain the cosmesis. Fat injections are notable for causing asymmetry of the lips.

Artecoll: Today there are some products that have combined collagen with small synthetic microspheres. The microspheres embed in the tissues and promote collagen synthesis and raise the area of injection. The microspheres stay in the same place and do not migrate. The results are longer lasting for up to 12 months.

Autologen: In some cases the collagen is derived from the individual's own skin and prepared for injection. The processing of the collagen is done by a medical company and takes a few weeks. Once injected, the risk of allergy is negligible and the results are long lasting. The company which used to process the collagen is no longer in business

Dermalogen: In many cases, the collagen is derived from the skin of cadavers. The collagen then undergoes an extensive series of preparation and screening procedure to ensure that there are no infectious organisms in it. The injection of Dermalogen has a slightly longer duration than pure collagen.

To produce longer lasting lip augmentation, some surgeons have been injecting fascia. Fascia is the strong layer on top of muscle. Once the fascia is prepared, it is injected but many a times it requires small incisions to be inserted. The results are longer lasting.

Hyaluronic acid: Today, lip augmentation is also being performed by injection of a jelly like substance known as hyaluronic acid. This chemical is found all over the body and plays a vital role in maintaining tissue integrity and support. When hyaluronic acid is injected, it produces smooth, even contoured and attractive luscious lips. Both hylaform and restylane injections are made of hyaluronic acid


AlloDerm: There are some products that cannot be injected into the lips and these products require small skin incisions along the corner of the lips or just below the lips. AlloDerm is a commonly used substance which is surgically placed into the lips. It is made up of collagen sheets. The collagen is derived from cadavers and undergoes extensive screening and preparation.

The procedure is typically done under local anesthesia. Once inserted into the lips, the AlloDerm becomes part of the lip tissues. It lasts anywhere from 6-12 months.

Local flap grafts: In some cases, local flaps are created to enhance the lips. This is done surgically and again the results are only temporary. The incisions may be placed in several places along the lips. The small skin scars usually disappear over time. This procedure is usually done in individuals who do not want injections.

The best individual to determine what is the best injection for your lips is your surgeon. Discuss the risks, benefits of each procedure, cost and the durability of the procedure before getting lip augmentation.

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