LipoDissolve is a novel procedure that is supposedly designed to dissolve fat from your body. The procedure has been widely used in Europe since the 1980s but has only recently become available in the USA. It is currently being advertised as a non invasive alternative to liposuction. Despite the hype surrounding the procedure, the product has not yet been approved for use in America. The limited European studies indicate that that not only does it have a few serious side effects but the injections do not work in many individuals

LipoDissolve involves a series of injections of a formulation consisting of two naturally occurring chemicals, phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate, into the skin. The injected chemicals act by melting the fats down to simple fatty acids.

Both large and small areas of fat collection can be treated with LipoDissolve.

In general, LipoDissolve has been used to treat fat deposits in the:

• Thighs and hips

• Double chin/neck

• Fat around the cheeks and midface

• Fat deposits of the lower eye pads

• Upper and lower arms

• Upper and lower abdomen

• Waist

• Fat deposits of the back

• Knees and legs

The chemicals break down the fat which is later removed by the body's scavenging cells. Despite claims that the removal of fat is permanent; this is not so as many individuals have reported recollections of fat in future.

The European studies indicate that over time there is a gradual loss of fat from the injected areas. The results of LipoDissolve are variable and the results are dependent on the size of the area treated. Some individuals show a loss of at least 2-6 cm per treatment. The highest fat loss typically occurs in the waist/belly and the lowest fat loss occurs in the legs.

LipoDissolve is claimed to be safe and the minor side effects include:

- bruising

- tenderness

- pain

- swelling

These minor side effects resolve in a week. However one should be aware that other complications of the procedure reported in Europe include:

- Bacterial infection

- Granulomas - swelling at the injection site which are hard

- Necrosis of skin and underlying muscle

- Allergic reactions

- Scarring which is permanent

The procedure is performed by physicians only.

LipoDissolve is not a cure for fat removal and thus for the treatment to be enduring, the individual must resume regular exercise and alter his/her diet.

Most individuals require 1-4 sessions, with a time of 4-6 weeks spaced between each session. This allows for the evaluation of the therapy and monitoring of side effects

Compared to Mesotherapy, LipoDissolve is a much faster procedure resulting in a rapid loss of fat

The procedure is by no means cheap and the long term results remain unknown. Until the product has been deemed safe, the safest way to lose weight is by changes in diet and exercise

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