Luscious Lips and Augmentation

Women have become aware that lips are erotic and sensuous. Many women are seeking to enlarge their lips and look beautiful. There is no doubt that a full pair of luscious lips gives sex appeal and an attractive face. As we age the lips starts to thin and the fullness disappears. However, today, there are a few methods of regaining the full lips.

Individuals undergo lip augmentation for various reasons some of which include:

- improving the facial image

- achieving a more sexy look

- regaining the fullness in the facial features

- developing self confidence

- wanting to look nice

How is this procedure performed?

Lip augmentation is an office based procedure which usually takes anywhere from 3-0-40 minutes. Despite what is claimed by the physicians, the procedure is not completely painless. There is some pain associated with the needle injection. However, the degree of pain can be decreased by prior injection of a local anesthetic

When bovine collagen is going to be used, a prior allergy test is mandatory. This test is done about 4 weeks prior to the actual procedure. Only if there is no reaction, is the collagen injected.

When fat is used as a filler, it is usually obtained from a different site in the body. This may be the buttocks or the abdomen. The fat is then prepared and injected into the lips

Human collagen dermal fillers usually require no allergy test and can be injected at the initial consult.

Despite what is claimed by physicians, the majority of dermal fillers are only a temporary solution to augment lips. The results are variable but on average last anywhere from 3-12 months. Fat injections in general last more than 9 months and longer than collagen.


After any dermal filler injection, some time off is required.

Pain: there is some pain in the majority of cases. However the intensity of pain is mild to moderate and can easily be controlled with over the counter pain medications. By the day 3, the pain is almost negligible in most individuals

Eating: Eating can be difficult on the first day and this one should stick to a liquid diet for the first 2 days.

Facial muscles. Excessive talking, laughing or chewing should be limited for the first 2-4 days to allow for the dermal fillers to settle evenly.

Swelling: Everyone develops some degree of swelling after injection of dermal fillers. The swelling may last anywhere from 2-7 days and resolves in all cases. To limit the swelling, apply some ice on the lips for the first 24-48 hours. Sleep with the head elevated for the first day.

Bruising: Bruising and discoloration of the skin is common and usually resolves in all cases over a period of 7 days.

No special antibiotics are required and a gentle wash with water soaked on a wet cloth is adequate to clean the lips.

The majority of individuals can go back to work after 48 hours and can resume exercise in 3-7 days.

The final cosmetic appearance of the lips is not immediate and usually takes anywhere from 2-6 weeks.

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