Prevention of Cellulite

Since there is no cure for cellulite and all the treatments are temporary and expensive, preventive measures are recommended. While there is no one single preventive measure to treat cellulite, some or all of the below measures may help in preventing or limit the build up of cellulite.

The measures include:

Diet: A change in diet is essential to prevent cellulite build up. One should avoid eating high fat diets with low fiber content. Diets rich in vegetables, fruits and complex carbohydrates are useful.

Water: There are some fanatical nutritionists who recommend more than 7 glasses of water daily. This may be okay if one lives in the desert but for those living in urban America, 2-4 glasses is more than sufficient.

Coffee & alcohol: One should avoid drinking excess coffee and alcohol. Complete abstinence is not mandatory.

Exercise. A sedentary life style is a risk factor for cellulite and effort must be made to exercise regularly. Even walking on a daily basis is sufficient. Going to the bathroom is not considered walking. At least 30 mins a day should be spent walking.

Sugars: Diets high in sugars are not good for cellulite. Infact excess sugars worsen cellulite. For those with elevation of blood sugar, one must try and control it, even if it requires medical therapy

Smoking: Smoking is a health hazard and can affect many organ systems in the body. Whether it contributes towards cellulite formation is not known, but one should quit smoking as the habit is not healthy.

Massage: Mild to moderate massage has been claimed to erase the cellulite pockets. It is said that massage breaks up the fat pockets allowing it for it to be burnt. It is doubtful if massage can do anything other than relax the muscles and soothe the mind. Whether it has any therapeutic benefits remains questionable.

Another variation of massage therapy is brushing the fatty skin with a glove or a brush. It is claimed that this will remove the toxins from the body. People who write such stuff need some type of mental examination and probably brush therapy for their head.

Tension: it is not known what role tension has in the development of cellulite. In any case avoiding stress is not only good for the fat removal but for the whole body

These common sense measures are no guarantee that cellulite can be prevented; one can only try and live the rest up to God.

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