Prevention of Wrinkles

Because there is no cure for wrinkles and all available treatments are temporary in duration, the best way to treat wrinkles is to prevent them or delay their appearance. The many cosmetic anti wrinkle creams may decrease the fine lines on the face but the treatment is life long and can be expensive.

Some of the ways to avoid wrinkles prematurely is to:

Avoid the sun: Exposure to sunlight is a major factor in the premature occurrence of facial wrinkles. The UV light has the ability to accelerate the change sin the skin tissues and promote wrinkle formation. Asides from wrinkles, prolonged sunlight exposure is also known to cause sun spots, skin cancers and sun burns. Avoidance of too much sun is the key to preventing wrinkles. By limiting exposure to sun and wearing appropriate clothing one can limit the amount of exposure to sun. It is highly recommended that the sun lovers use sun screens not only in the summer but also during the winter months.

Today, we also have fabrics which can repel UV light. These special fabric clothing are widely available in Australia and are comfortable to wear.

Sun screens.
Today, we have a variety of sunscreens. One should choose sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 15 or greater. The sunscreen should be applied regularly when out in the sun. Select a sunscreen which has both organic and inorganic ingredients.

Use moisturizers: Avoid dryness of the skin. One should apply a skin moisturizer at least once a day and do this regularly. Dry skin is a high risk factor for the development of wrinkles. The dry skin easily shrivels up and this is very hard to reverse. Event though moisturizers can not prevent wrinkles. They will delay the appearance of wrinkles if dryness is avoided.

Don't smoke: Smoking is one of the biggest risk factor for premature wrinkle formation. Most smokers who use tobaccos for decades appear twice as old by the time they are in the 40s and 50s. The wrinkles in smokers are deep and almost impossible to treat. The smoke has numerous chemicals which destroys the elasticity of the skin. Once the elasticity is lost, the skin loses its tone and starts to sag. Avoidance of smoking is not only good to prevent wrinkles but is good to maintain overall good health.

Cosmetic products: There are thousands of products which are claimed to prevent wrinkle formation. IT is unlikely that anyone of the creams is more effective than simple baby oil. If the skin is dry, applying a moisturizing cosmetic will delay the appearance of wrinkles. Those cosmetics which contain retinoids may erase the fine lines, but are not to be taken for prolonged periods.

Retinoid containing creams are known cause birth defects and should be avoided by women who are planning to become pregnant.

The above self care methods will not entirely prevent wrinkle formation but they will delay the appearance. Time and patience is the key. When all else fails and wrinkles do appear, there is always Botox and skin resurfacing techniques.

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