Treatment of Herpes Simplex

General Care

Herpes infection is very contagious and some form of self care is required to avoid passing the infection to family and friends.

Physical contact: Once herpes infection occurs, all physical contact should be avoided. Kissing is an absolute NoNo. During the acute infection, the virus can easily be transferred to your partner or child.

In addition, one should avoid sharing any cooking appliances, cups or spoons.

Hand washing: Washing hands is one the best ways to prevent transmission of this organism in the house environment.

Because swallowing food can be painful during the acute infection, one should remain on a liquid diet for a few days. Cool liquids, ice creams and soups may be easier to swallow and help soothe the pain

Ointment: there are numerous ointments and lotions available which can be applied on the lips. Some of the over the counter creams also contain a local anesthetic.

Viscous solutions containing a local anesthetic are available. These solutions can be used to rinse the mouth and they ease the pain inside the mouth.

Rubbing: One should avoid scratching the blisters and rubbing the eyes. Herpes can also infect the eyes.


Pain is the most common complaint and many individuals need relief. Over the counter pain pills are not always effective and stronger pain pills may be required

Cortisone: One should refrain from applying cortisone to the lips. Cortisone can worsen the herpes infection.

Acyclovir: The is the best drug for the treatment of herpes simplex. The drug is available both as a topical ointment and a pill. The topical cream is expensive, useless and a waste of one's money. It only reduces the infective period by a day or two at most.

Oral acyclovir is very effective and can decrease the duration of infection and recurrences. However, it has to be taken 5 times a day, for 10 days and costs a fortune.

Oral anti-viral medications such as famciclovir or valacyclovir have been developed to effectively treat herpes infections. These medications can be used to treat the acute infection or may be used to prevent recurrences. Unlike acyclovir, these medications are generally used in the sick patients who have other illnesses. The drugs are fairly expensive.

Alternative therapy

Because everyone wants a rapid cure from herpes, alternative care is being sought by many individuals with herpes. Alternative care vendors offer more hopes, faster cures and no side effects for the treatment of herpes.

There are hundreds of products which have been recommended as a cure for herpes. Even without any scientific data to back up the claims, alternative care is flourishing when it comes to medicine. The reason is desperation of individuals, gullibility and false advertising made by this industry.

Some recommend eating mega doses of vitamins or eating livers, spleens, and thymus of every type of exotic animal to boost the immune system. These nutrients are sold as creams, lotions, pills and even enemas.

Other therapies that have been used to treat herpes include acupuncture, psychological therapy, behavioral counseling and massage therapy,

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