Uses for Primrose Oil

Conditions where there is some clinical evidence about the benefits of Primrose oil.

Skin disorders: The best use for primrose oil is for the use of eczema. Several studies have shown that consuming primrose oil can decrease the symptoms of eczema. Even though the product has been approved for this use in Europe, much of the scientific data remains vague. Both the duration and dose for treatment of eczema are not well controlled. Others have shown that primrose oil can reduce the symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

Conditions where there is conflicting evidence about the benefits of Primrose oil

Breast cancer: There has been a lot of push by the vendors of primrose oil for the treatment of various breast disorders. Primrose oil is currently touted to treat breast cysts and breast pain. There is a great deal of clinical and scientific evidence for the treatment of many breast disorders using conventional medicine and one should not venture using Primrose oil as there is not enough evidence to back its claims. Failing to treat a breast cancer properly can be lethal.

Chronic fatigue syndrome: There is no evidence that primrose oil can treat fibromylagia. Infact, there is very little out there to treat this complex and puzzling disorder.

Herpes infections : There is absolutely no evidence that primrose oil can cure or prevent herpes infections or the post herpetic neuropathy.

Diabetes: Primrose can decrease blood sugar in some individuals but this is not a universal finding. Primrose is not a replacement for current medical therapy used to treat diabetes. All the reports that blood glucose levels are decreased are few and scant.

Diabetic neuropathy:
The numbness, pain and tingling that is often seen in diabetes has been reported to get better with long term administration of primrose oil. Current trials are taking place to determine its effectiveness in the treatment of common neuropathies

Multiple sclerosis: Despite being touted as a cure for multiple sclerosis, there is no evidence that MS either is cured or prevented by primrose oil.

Obesity/weight loss: Obese individuals should not waste their money on primrose oil. It has no affect on body weight. The only thing it reduces is the money in your pockets.

Pre-eclampsia/high blood pressure of pregnancy: Primrose oil has been recommended for numerous disorders during pregnancy. It has been suggested to prevent pre-eclampsia, prematurity of the fetus, intrauterine growth and premature delivery. However, there is very little evidence for this and more studies are needed before making any recommendation.

Collagen vascular disease: It appears that any disorder that can not be cured or treated with conventional medicine can be treated with primrose oil. A number of collagen vascular disorders like lupus, sjogren's and Raynaud's have been claimed to be cured by Primrose oil. The best advice is save your money. Collagen vascular disorders are best treated under the care of a rheumatologist and not a herbalogist.

Conditions where there is no evidence for the use of Primrose oil

A number of studies have been carried out to study the effects of Primrose Oil on:


- Attention deficit Disorder

- Heart disease

- Osteoporosis

- Menopausal symptoms

- Premenstrual symptoms

- Psoriasis

- Schizophrenia

In each of the above disorders, a small number of patients have been investigated. As of today, there is zero evidence that primrose oil is clinically effective. There are no further studies undergoing as all evidence indicates that primrose oil may be more harmful than beneficial in these disorders.

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