What is Mesotherapy

In the last few years, another treatment (Mesotherapy) has been developed to treat cellulite. The technique involves the injection of a formula made up of a mixture of chemicals (either pharmaceuticals or homeopathic) into the lower layers of the skin. The technique has been used to remove the fat pads from various areas of the body and allows cosmetic contouring of:

- Abdomen

- Face

- Hips

- Neck

- Back

- Breast

- Legs

- Thighs

- Hands

- Lower eyelids

Various vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients are injected into the skin- this causes tightening of the skin and removal of the fat pads. The final result is a more youthful, fresh looking and smoother looking body without downtime from work

Mesotherapy involves injection of these chemicals into different parts of the body. Lately, Mesotherapy is being used to treat a wide variety of real and imaginary disorders. Of late, Mesotherapy is currently being used to treat cellulite. It is also being used to treat:

- Body fat

- Facial rejuvenation

- Body sculpturing

- Remove fat from eye lids

The theory behind Mesotherapy is that the chemicals injected have the ability to interact with the fats cell and cause the release of fat, which is then burned as fuel

Other not proven benefits which have been attributed to Mesotherapy include:

- Improved blood circulation

- Removal of adhesive and fibrotic bands

- Melting of excess fat

- Improving lymphatic drainage


Because cellulite is a chronic condition, most individuals will initially need numerous sessions (5-15) and many more during their life time

Mesotherapy is recommended for use in both males and females. It is most beneficial for small areas of localized fat accumulation

The technique is considered non invasive compared to liposuction. However to achieve the most benefit, one also has to maintain a program of

- regular exercise

- health diet

- no smoking

The amount and type of chemical injected is individually based. The amount injected and where it is injected depends on physician experience. When successful, some individuals may notice and obvious reduction in waist size and weight. Some notice the effects after 4 -6 weeks and others much later. Some show no response.

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