Wrinkles and Collagen

Finally there is something to hide and rid the facial wrinkles and make you look younger.

What is collagen?

Collagen, a naturally occurring protein, is a major component of the body's make up and plays a vital role in providing structural support to skin. Collagen injections have been widely used for the past 2 decades to get rid of wrinkles, lines and scars on the face and neck. Injection of collagen directly into areas where the body's own collagen has been weakened can fix wrinkles and depressions by providing extra support to the collagen complex within the skin.

Collagen can be used in smoothing fragile frown and smile lines around the lips. It can also be used to treat depressed scars and deeper furrows of the face. Bovine collagen is also used to for lip augmentation.


Collagen injection is a simple procedure done in a clinic or doctor's office. Before undergoing the procedure, the first thing one should do is to find a decent cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist.

Prior to the actual procedure, you will be injected with a small amount of collagen to ensure that you are not allergic to the product. Because some allergy features may appear late, treatment usually begins after a 4 week observation period.

Once no allergy is confirmed, you can safely undergo the procedure. The procedure involves the injection of collagen with a very fine needle at several points of the wrinkle/scar. The needle injection does sting, but for the squeamish, one can ask the physician to apply local anesthetic on the skin a few minutes before the procedure.

The procedure usually takes a few minutes and you are allowed to go home. There is no dressing applied and the needle marks are so small that no one can see the injection marks (no one will be able to tell if you have had the procedure). The area where the collagen is injected will appear swollen for a few days. However, the collagen rapidly blends with the skin tissues and becomes indistinguishable within a short period of time.

After the treatment, there is mild stinging which is easily relieved by taking some over the counter pain medications. The bruising and swelling disappears in 2-5 days.

Directly over the injection site, there may be redness or a small scab, and this is just a normal part of the procedure which disappears in a few days. One is allowed to resume normal activities soon after the procedure. It is recommended that one wear a sun block to protect the skin.

Are the results permanent?

Unfortunately No; the cosmetic results obtained by injection of collagen are temporary. On average, the effects of the injection last from 3 to 6 months. Most individuals require repeat injections to maintain the wrinkle free look. However, the amount of collagen used to restore the full correction is less with future treatment series.


Depending on how much collagen is used, the cost may vary- most wrinkles are treated for $300-800.

The majority of individuals who undergo collagen therapy love it.

Today, collagen has been replaced by a whole host of related products which are easier to use and more versatile.

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