Wrinkling Creams- Facts

In general, all cosmetic creams and lotions are not strictly regulated by the FDA. This is because they have no medicinal value.

Even the ingredients inside the creams and lotions are not always evaluated and do not have to undergo the strict testing required for all drugs and pharmaceutical products.

The cosmetic market makes a lot of unsubstantiated claims with very little scientific truth about their products.

The FDA only regulates cosmetic products which may have the potential to cause harm, such as the chemical peeling agents and Botox.

The FDA has mandated a law that requires all companies to include the ingredients on the labels of cosmetic creams.

Any chemical which has the potential to cause harm must be documented in the label.

The effectiveness of any cosmetic product is not evaluated by the FDA. The vendor can claim anything he wants- buyer beware is the rule.

In the majority of cases, buying a non prescription anti wrinkling product will almost always contain a lower strength of the active chemical than a prescription chemical. In such cases, the effectiveness of the non prescription products is always limited, may not exist or be of a very short duration.

There are a whole host of anti wrinkle creams, lotions and potions sold on the cosmetic market. The majority of these products have never ever been tested nor have they ever been proved to have clinical benefit for the purported claims.

Buy one, get the second one cheap or free is a common feature advertised with most cosmetics products. This feature alone should tell you that the product is most likely a gimmick. If something was a panacea for wrinkling, would it be ever sold for less or given away for free?

In most cases, the more expensive the cosmetic anti wrinkling cream, the less likely is it of any medical value. Similarly, the cheaper products have almost zero activity.

Even if anti wrinkles cream do work, their effect is very short lived. There is no cream which can cure wrinkles. Anti wrinkles creams have to be used for life.

Like any other topical agents, anti wrinkle creams contain a myriad of ingredients and the potential for allergy is always present. Skin rashes, burning, redness and swelling are not an uncommon feature of cosmetic products.

The one who most benefits from the sell of anti wrinkle creams is the vendor.

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