Abdominal Liposculpture in Atlanta

Abdominal liposculpture in Atlanta can improve the shape or contour of your abdomen. Liposuction is the traditional method for body contouring. It remains most appropriate for small, isolated deposits of fat that have only a little extra skin. Body contouring cosmetic surgery can help deal with this extra skin and provide you with a new image after losing weight. If you are in need of body contouring, there are several cosmetic surgeons in the Atlanta area who can assist you with the procedure of your choice.

Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is much safer and efficient compared to traditional methods of liposuction. This technique allows for less discomfort, faster post-operative recovery and better cosmetic results. Older liposuction techniques have been famous for causing certain problems - most significantly general anesthesia, which is responsible for most of the serious complications connected with surgical cosmetic procedures.

This procedure is done by infiltrating sterile fluid to loosen and soften the fat for easier removal. Using smaller, blunter instruments to remove the superficial fat there is less risk of any unsightly contour defects, such as bumpiness, lumpiness or grooving. It allows for excellent skin retraction, so on healing the skin tightens, and improvement of lax skin is achieved. After the fluid is in place, excess fat is then vacuumed out of the body through a small, hollow, blunt-ended tube. Multiple areas are often treated in order to achieve the best result.

There is minimum blood loss and the recovery time is incredibly short, because the procedure causes fewer traumas and there is usually no bruising at all. Older patients are often very good candidates. Most patients can return to work in 1-2 days and do limited exercise in 3-4 days. The end result is a safer treatment with better aesthetic results.


The safest technique for body contouring is liposculpture, providing better aesthetic results than traditional liposuction. Most of the more serious complications associated with cosmetic procedures are due to general anesthesia. But in most cases, with this process, a tumescent local anesthesia is used, with some light oral sedation providing a pain free experience and excellent results.

Liposculpting is a minimally invasive treatment to consider if you'd like to contour and shape certain parts of your body. If you'd prefer a procedure with no surgery, no downtime, and no difficult recovery period, then liposculpting could be right for you. For further information about what options are available to you, contact a cosmetic surgeon in your area. An experienced surgeon can help you explore all of your options and determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure that interests you.

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