Aging and Wrinkles

Wrinkles and face lines are commonly treated by numerous health care professional. There are various cosmetic creams, lotions and potions being sold to improve facial skin. Surgeons also can improve the face with a variety of skin procedures.

However, before one goes ahead and has surgery for the treatment of facial rejuvenation, it is important to know the following:

- be realistic in expectation

- know what the procedure is all about

- understand the possible side effects and complications

- know the reputation of the surgeon

- which is the best procedure for you

- determine how much down time is required

- when you will be able to return to work

- how long will the benefits lasts

- what is the cost

In general the type of procedure one should have to rejuvenate the skin depends a lot on the age

Ages 20-30. The majority of individuals in this age group generally do not require any type of skin rejuvenation procedure. At this age the skin is still fresh, smooth and younger looking. If a physician recommends any type of skin rejuvenation procedure in this age group, you need to look for another physician

Ages 30-40. Individuals in this age group should not need any radical surgery or expensive cosmetic procedure. A mild to moderate chemical peel may be adequate. A low strength chemical peel can be done by the individual but if a higher strength chemical peel is required, then it has to be done under a physician's supervision

Ages 40-50. Individuals in this age group may be showing signs of photoaging and start of fine lines or wrinkles. Soft tissue fillers and chemical peeling are best use din this age group. The best procedure can only be decided by the physician.

Age 50-65. At this age, most individuals have deep lines and wrinkles and perhaps laser resurfacing is the best treatment. Dermal fillers and chemical peels generally can not help much of the skin changes seen in this age group

Combination: Often some individuals may benefit from a combination of a procedure. Lasers resurfacing can be combined with chemical peels.

Skin rejuvenation is an elective cosmetic procedure and one should think about it. The field of cosmetic surgery has many options for almost every skin disorder. Ask and read about the procedures. The more one knows the better you can seek the best treatment for you.

Never be afraid to ask and do not hesitate to seek a second opinion.

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