Beverly Hills Laser Resurfacing

Beverly Hills is perhaps the most famous city for laser resurfacing of the skin. There are numerous cosmetic clinics, plastic surgeons and other health care professionals on the majority of streets in the small town. And they all cater to making people look younger and beautiful.

Almost every type of laser therapy for skin resurfacing is available at most cosmetic clinics in Beverly Hills. Laser therapy is now being used to variety of skin disorders including

- wrinkles

- fine lines

- unwanted facial hair

- sun damaged skin

- spider veins

- pigmented sports

- liver spots

- telangiectasias

Current day lasers are very effective and produce excellent results. Unlike other methods of skin resurfacing like chemical peeling or dermabrasion, lasers have a faster response, require a shorter time to complete the treatment and have little downtime. Lasers, on the other hand, are also very expensive.

The newer lasers also have a cooling tip at the tip and thus minimize pain during the procedure. Further, it is claimed that the non ablative lasers can remove the damaged skin and help stimulate the growth of newer skin which is smoother and fresher looking.

Laser resurfacing can be done on any part of the face but is most frequently used around the following areas:

- corners of the mouth

- Upper lip near the nose

- Between the eyes

- To remove the fine crease(s) on the forehead

Besides erasing the wrinkles, lasers also tighten the skin and improve the texture. The majority of individuals who undergo laser treatment to resurface the skin appear much younger than their stated age.

The majority of physicians and cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills offer the latest in skin resurfacing. To find out what is the best procedure for your skin, an initial consultation with a board certified cosmetic physician should be the first step.

While laser treatments are not permanent, you will have a more youthful and younger looking face at the end of the day.

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