Body Lice Facts

Body lice is also known as pediculosis corporis. The parasite which causes lice is a very small insect with no ability to fly. It is typically acquired from other infected individuals or inanimate objects

Body lice may affect the pubis, scalp or entire body

Lice eggs are called nits and may be visible on the strands of hair.

Lice infection is typically characterized by red spots and moderate to severe itching

Lice infestation is more common in crowded and unhygienic conditions of living

Lice are also known to transmit other infections such as trench fever, epidemic typhus and relapsing fever

Unlike scabies, lice do not affect the hands and feet, but an individual can be infected with both lice and scabies at the same time

Lice can be treated by simple home made remedies. This includes cleaning of all personal clothing, washing the linen and furniture.

The most important method of killing the lice is the use of hot water and air drying the clothes

All material that is disposable should be rid off including the vacuum bag.

If lice still persist, the medical therapy is required

There is a topical medication called permethrin which can be used to treat lice

When the topical medication fails to control the lice infestation, an oral drug called ivermectin can be used

When the lice infestation is chronic and recurrent, use of Malathion powder/Permethrin spray can be applied to clothing for treatment and prevention of re-infestation.

Irrespective of therapy, re-infection is common despite successful therapy.

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