Breast Implantation Techniques

Women get their breasts augmented for a variety of reasons:

- Some simply want large breasts

- Others want to improve the shape of their breasts

- Some want the breast to be reconstructed after having undergone breast cancer surgery

Before you get breast implants, it is important to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon. One should always ask why one needs breast implants.

Breast implants definitely will boost your confidence and self esteem but do not cure any emotional stress that you may have.

Your surgeon will need to take a detailed medical history, including any previous problems you've had with your breasts, including lumps.

One should tell the physician about your health problems and any medications that you are taking.


Breast augmentation can be done several ways. The small incision made to insert the implant may be placed in several locations including:

- under the breast crease

- within the areola (the dark brown color of the nipple)

- in the arm pit area

- near the umbilicus

All these incisions are inconspicuous to the naked eye. The scar around the areolar is thin and difficult to find. However, this small incision can also cause numbness in the nipple for some time.

When the implant is placed from an umbilical incision, a camera is used to visualize the placement of the implant.

When smooth implants are placed the chances of skin rippling and lumpiness is much less, compared to the rough texture implants.

Smooth implants have less chance of rippling (waviness of skin) than textured (roughened) implants.

Some implants can be placed underneath the breast muscle. This method tales a little longer and is associated with slightly more pain after the procedure. However, this technique has a significantly lower incidence of capsular contraction and skin rippling

There are no breast implants which are permanent. All of them go through a life cycle of wear and tear and eventually wear out. Some implants rupture prematurely and others may leak.

Many implants are ruptured from trauma such as falls, motor vehicle accidents and sporting activities. At most implants last anywhere from 15-20 years.

The majority of females who undergo breast augmentation are happy with the results. The procedure undoubtedly increases self confidence and boosts their self esteem.

Breast implants complications generally require repeat surgery to treat the problem.

Women who have large breast implants appear to be the most satisfied customers

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