Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Sagging breasts are common in many women. By the time women are in their 3rd decade of life, signs of breast sagging are evident. Sagging of the breast is progressively faster during pregnancy, breast feeding and aging. The ligaments which normally hold the breast taut loosen up and the skin loses its elasticity. The overall result is a very loose breast with no firmness. Today there is a treatment for Sagging breast.

Breast lift or Mastopexy is a surgical procedure which can elevate and reshape the breast. The procedure is not a permanent cure but can temporarily reverse the aging breast. Sometimes the procedure is combined by inserting breast implants to restore the breast volume and increase both the tone and size of the breast.

The breast lift procedure is strictly a cosmetic procedure. It can help one regain self confidence and improve the outer appearance but it still does not change your feelings, personality or how you think.

The procedure is not ideal and the results are variable. One has to be realistic as to why one wants the procedure and have practical aspirations.

All candidates who undergo Mastopexy should be in good physical and mental health. The best surgical results are obtained in females with small sagging breast. Even though Mastopexy can be done for very large breasts, the results of surgery are not durable.

It is best to consider Mastopexy after pregnancy and child bearing are completed. Women who nurse their infants should wait. Breastfeeding always reduces the volume of the breasts and leaves stretch marks. Any woman planning future pregnancies should postpone surgery. There is no absolute reason why a woman can't have Mastopexy and then have a future pregnancy, but she should be aware that any future pregnancy will re stretch the breast and cause sagging, thus making surgery futile

The procedure is always done under general anesthesia and may take anywhere from 2-3 hours. Besides the risk of anesthesia, the surgery can be complicated by bleeding, infection and scarring.

In individuals who smoke, the risk of obvious scarring is high. In the unfortunate individual, there may be breast asymmetry with uneven nipple positioning. When the nipples are manipulated, there is always a chance of permanent loss of sensation in the nipples.

Breast lift is not a complicated procedure but there is always potential to have complications.

Choosing a well qualified surgeon to perform your surgery is essential for success and limit the side effects.

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